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About Us


I’m Catherine, a down to earth mum of two, an art and design obsessed, essential oil addicted loveable lady with a passion to share her loves with the world!

Coming from an Interior Design background, I started Yours Deerly as a way to let my creativity and passion for design, colour and all things paper run free.

Yours Deerly is my first baby, established in 2011, I started our creating handmade invitations and cards for family and friends, soon I was growing and sharing my love with the wider world.

Cards and invitations are very much a seasonal thing now, so over the years I have broadened my creative horizons, experimenting with many mediums, this is where Collis and Cook transpired. Teaming up with my creative buddy ‘Collis’ to transform your home with stunning pieces of one of a kind artwork.

Now, I know you might be thinking where and why does EO with Cat Co come into the mix? Well, I told you I am a mum, right? My second born, Clara she used to get quite ill coughing and barking like a seal into all hours of the night, not sleeping, not recovering. It was awful, until I was introduced to doTERRA and the rest is history.

I use less chemicals in my home and run a very successful essential oil business along with my other passions. Incorporating essential oils into your life is so easy and you don’t have to be a hippie to achieve that, I’m certainly not! Whether you just want a nice smelling house, or your want to do a complete chemical clean out, the choice is yours and I’m here to help you in that journey.

So, there it is, my trio of loves (not counting my family of course).

Thank you for taking the time to visit me, I’m sure I will hear from you soon.

xx Cat