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My Birthday Checklist- Be organised for 2017!

My Birthday Checklist- Be organised for 2017!

My Birthday Checklist! I’m sure as we all do the new year starts and we decide- YES this is my year, I’m going to be organised and smash it out the park.

Well it’s already February and I’m not sure I’ve smashed it but I’m certainly trying!

I’m very excited to announce that tomorrow will be my birthday- I’m not quite to the dirty 30 but not going to be 28 anymore either, I’m not sure about this inching towards 30 business but it cant be helped we all have to get older. Can anyone guess how old I am! Lol.

Anyway in honour of my birthday, we will be offering free shipping (that’s a $4.95 saving) on all greeting card orders which means you can all be super organised for 2017 and stock up now on the cards you need for the year and complete your Birthday Checklist! Valentines Day, Birthdays, Weddings.. stock up and create a box to store them in. Use the coupon code: FEBFREESHIP to redeem your discount.

I’ll also let you in on another little secret, that $4.95 free shipping also applies to Toddler Tints so you can save a little on shipping there too!

Lastly some of you know that I have also started on another little adventure which helps support my families well being and general health, if your interested I would love for you to visit my new blog EO with Cat Co!

I hope you can make the most of these offers and spread the love- it is February after all!
xx Catherine

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