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Celebrating Dad’s 60th- Creating a quick & fun card.

Celebrating Dad’s 60th- Creating a quick & fun card.

Celebrating in style for my Dad’s 60th!

My dad turned 60 this month and while he is not one for big birthday celebration I convinced him to have a lunch and invite a few people. He live in a country town and many don’t often travel but we all made the effort and it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

I just wanted to share with you all this quick and fabulous way I now create cards, not only is it a one of a kind but its special just for GRAMPS! For those of you at home it’s an easy 5 step process,

  1. Go to dafont and download this free font- Easy Open Face here: http://www.dafont.com/easyopenface.font
  2. Open word, select this font and type what you want.
  3. Print onto a piece of card and cut out into a card shape
  4. Get your kids to colour until their heart is content
  5. Fill in your card with many many well wishes!

Now how easy does that sound? Don’t want to do that? You can quite easily purchase one of our birthday cards here

Ciao for now xx


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